ERPS 12 volt system with 6 e-Couplers - Electronic Rust Protection System

$710 incl. GST

Want To Know How An ERPS System Works?

Put simply, rust forms as a result of an electro-chemical reaction between your vehicle and its environment. 

When your vehicle is exposed to humidity, moisture or salt water, this reaction is accelerated and the severity of the rust is dramatically increased. 

An ERPS system sends a negative charge through the body of the vehicle, which neutralizes this chemical reaction – ultimately, keeping your vehicle rust free.

  • Slow / Stops Rust From Forming In Your Vehicle 
  • Helps Prevent Existing Rust From Spreading 
  • Protects Your Paintwork From Oxidizing 
  • Helps Keep Your Paintwork Looking New & Shiny 
  • Neutralizes Stone Chips 
  • Protects Your Entire Vehicle

VIDEO - How ERPS work


Installing Your ERPS System

8 Simple Steps- Wondering if the system is hard to install?

Here’s an overview of your 8-key steps:

  1. Get Your Kit & Tools Setup
  2. Attach Your Generator
  3. Connect Your Fuse To The Generator
  4. Identify Coupler Locations
  5. Attach Your Couplers
  6. Connect Couplers To Power Line
  7. Connect Your Fuse To The Battery
  8. Test It’s Working


Watch installation video here

Maintenance of Electronic Rust Protection System

The ERPS system is designed to be 100% maintenance free.

All you have to do is pop the bonnet once a month and check that the red LED light is on.

If the light is on, your system is working and your vehicle is protected.

In the unlikely case that it’s not, simply refer to the Installation manual for trouble-shooting or contact us directly. 

If you’re system is fitted by a registered installer, you will be required to have an annual check-up on the system to retain your corrosion warranty



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