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Your Vehicle Deserves to be Repaired at The Garage Miami

Does your late model vehicle have it’s engine management light, “check engine”, “maintenance” or “car with spanner” warning light on the dash? Perhaps it’s just not driving nicely? All warning lights should be treated with priority to prevent further engine or vehicle damage, but don’t panic - the problem may be minor!

The Garage Miami has expert mechanics and technology on hand to accurately diagnose your vehicle. Our team specialises in late model fuel injected vehicles.

So We Get It Right For You

We will never fall into the trap of having a ‘quick look’. All vehicles are first test driven, we scan your vehicle’s on board computer for any diagnostic trouble codes then inspect and test to confirm the fault. At times your solution may take research and a process of elimination. We start with the most cost effective solutions first!

Whilst we do charge for our diagnostic services we never start repairs without quoting your first!

Check Engine Light
Engine Light Repair
Warning Lights

Our Fault Diagnosis Process of Elimination:

  1. Test Drive the Vehicle (If Safe)
  2. Perform Diagnostic Scan for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (‘DTC’s) and record these via the vehicle’s onboard computer linking either wirelessly or via the OBD-II port
  3. Inspect Vehicle for any contributing factors for Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (we do not blindly follow the computer). Use other diagnostic tools to confirm vehicle faults.
  4. Clear Codes and Test Drive Again to see if codes are consistent
  5. Test Drive Vehicle with Vehicle Diagnostic Tool attached to monitor live vehicle data (if required)
  6. Consult the vehicle manufacturer to ascertain if any ECU software updates are available to rectify the issue
  7. Offer two solutions/quotes:
    1. Process of Elimination - A step by step process to rectify vehicle issues in the most cost effective method possible. However, it may be more lengthy.
    2. Replace/Repair all possible sources of the fault (Faster but more expensive).
  8. Repair your vehicle once you have approved quote
  9. Test Drive once solved

What Does The Garage Charge For Vehicle Diagnostics?

The Garage Miami charges a minimum of $60 however our diagnostic workshop labour rate of $135 per hour ($149 per hour for Euro and Prestige vehicles). By the time we have test driven, scanned and inspected your vehicle it is hard to offer any solutions in less time. We will never start repair work without quoting you!

Vehicle Diagnostic

Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Low Battery Power

Please be aware if your battery is testing low, a new battery is the first place to start. If your vehicle’s computers are underpowered, your trouble codes may in fact be false. A new battery may prevent expensive diagnostic or repair bills!

Be Sure to Share All Information About Your Vehicle

If other mechanics have already completed repairs on your vehicle in an effort to repair your problem please don’t hide this information! It may help us save your money!

What Brands Do We Support?

The Garage Miami offers diagnostic services for all major brands including european brands, Volkswagen, Audi, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai and many more. If we can’t solve your problem we will find those who can! Our service advisors are on a first name basis with service departments of most major vehicle manufacturers to make sure you get the most up to date information! We do not work on brands of vehicles that are no longer in production including SAAB, Early MG etc.

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Costs and Billing

The Garage Miami charges our diagnostic workshop labour rate of $135 per hour ($149 per hour for Euro and Prestige vehicles). If we require any more time than this you will of course be notified. To ensure we make our repairs as cost effective as possible we follow a proven process of elimination starting with the most cost effective repair solutions.

As with all repairs at The Garage we offer a quick visual inspection report to make sure your vehicle is in generally safe and sound condition for your piece of mind! If you are from the surrounding areas of Burleigh, Miami, Broadbeach, Robina and Merrimac - Don’t forget to plan to leave your vehicle overnight!


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