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Pre Purchase Inspections

Why perform a pre purchase inspection?

By having The Garage Miami perform a pre purchase inspection our customers receive peace of mind in buying a new vehicle. Knowing the exact condition of a vehicle you are purchasing can also serve as a great negotiating tool with the seller.

Our fully qualified and approved technicians have experience in all makes and models including Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Peugeot and Renault.

The examiners usually have seen the same vehicle you are buying in almost every condition and can provide a fair, educated, experienced opinion if the wear on the vehicle is standard for the age and mileage of the vehicle.

We will provide you with a completed inspection report.

Our technicians will inspect and report on your vehicle's critical systems using the widely accepted traffic light method to assist you in prioritising any repairs:

Pass Traffic Light Monitor/Amber Traffic Light Immediate Repair Traffic Light
  • Green = Pass
  • Amber = Monitor
  • Red = Immediate Repair
Pre Purchase Inspections in Miami

The Checks that We will Perform on your vehicle are:

Under body inspection

Including visual inspection of panels, frames, steering and suspension, exhaust and driveline components and wheel alignment


With all wheels and brake drums removed, brakes are inspected (exception: dual rear wheel vehicles)

Tyres and Wheels

Including tyre tread depth, balance inspection for buckles, general condition and spare tyre


Including cooling system pressure test and component check, drive belts, engine oil level and condition, computer fault codes

Oil Leaks

Report on all visible engine, driveline and brake system oil leaks

Electrical System

Including battery, alternator and charging system check, exterior light operation and condition, horn, heater demister and a/c operation.

Road Test

Our expert technicians will perform a road test to ensure the vehicle steering, suspension, brake operation, engine and driveline and transmission operation is acceptable.


Our pre purchase inspections do not account for any internal/interior electronics, interior trim or any prior panel damage.


Our pre purchase inspections are designed to minimise the risk of purchasing a vehicle that may require expensive repairs soon after purchase. The inspections do not constitute a vehicle warranty as internal engine, cooling, air-conditioning and drive-line inspections have not been carried out. As such vehicle purchasers will have no recourse against The Garage Miami or any of its representatives if vehicle components fail after purchase.