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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Adjustment is a process that involves the precise adjustment of a multitude of components on your vehicle. Once these components of the suspension are corrected, and the procedure is finished, your vehicle will provide the ideal ride quality your current tyres can provide. A key factor to wheel alignment is getting the maximum of your tyre’s life duration.

Wheel alignments are most commonly implemented in a few different cases such as:

  • Whenever a new set of tyres are fitted

  • After installing new suspension components to your vehicle

  • An unusual tread wear pattern is discovered

  • After any kind of road collision with another vehicle

  • In the instance when rough road terrain, large pothole or other road hazard of that kind the vehicle has come across

There are four main corrections that take place when your vehicle is having a wheel alignment:

  • Correction of Positive or Negative Camber

  • Correction of a Toe in or Toe Out instance

  • Correction of Positive or Negative Caster

  • Alignment of the Thrust Line