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Brake Rotor Machining
and Replacement

Are you feeling a vibration when braking? Or are you hearing too much squealing from your brakes? It’s possible your brake rotors need to be machined or replaced!

The Garage Miami is equipped with the latest Pro Cut on-car disc brake lathe. At The Garage Miami it is company policy to either resurface (machine) or replace brake disc rotors when fitting new brake pads. This ensures that your new brake pads mate to a nice new smooth surface preventing brake squeal and vibration. Good quality disc rotors disperse heat faster and last longer keeping your vehicle driving safely and smoothly even in harsh conditions like extended down hill driving or stop start traffic.

For the brake rotors to be machined there must be adequate remaining width in the rotor to ensure the rotors are not below their minimum prior to machining. If a rotor is already too thin, or the rotor will require too much machining in order to acquire a smooth surface you may require new rotors.
Many European brands do not recommend resurfacing rotors as one set of rotors is designed with the same useful life as the brake pads themselves.

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Worn/Lipped Disc Rotor

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