More than just discounts for Uber Drivers!

The Garage Miami offers a discount for Uber Drivers:

The advantages of maintaining your vehicle at The Garage Extend far further than just discounts (not to mention the free Espresso Coffee and comfortable waiting lounge after a long night’s work)

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Being an Uber driver is a great way to make a living, however, the running costs of your vehicle can mean the difference between making wages or really making a profit. And there’s a lot to consider; the comfort and safety of your passengers, you need to be comfortable driving your vehicle, reliability and of course fuel economy.

Regular maintenance can ensure that you meet your obligation to your customers to provide a safe journey, however a correctly serviced vehicle will also run more efficiently using less fuel. The Garage recommends following your manufacturer’s log book however, we’re here to save you money!

Our recommendations are based on actual measurements of your vehicle’s critical operating systems including brakes, suspension and cooling system so you have the freedom to deal in the facts and concentrate your financial resources only to those items that truly require changing.

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The correct tyre choice is also critical for Uber Drivers, not only do the right tyres offer a smoother quieter ride improving the comfort of customers and reducing driver fatigue, they will also last longer with lower rolling resistance to promote better fuel economy. For the best advice on which tyres will be best suited to your Uber vehicle drop into The Garage Miami and chat to our knowledgeable consultants!

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Tyre pressures are critical - feel free to stop by weekly for free tyre pressure checks - Just a quick trip from Broadbeach or Burleigh we will have your tyres pressured and have you back on the road in a matter of minutes!

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If you’re an Uber driver in Mermaid, Burleigh or Robina we are just a stone’s throw away, open 6 days a week we can look after your vehicle when it suits you!


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