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Tyre Maintenance | Car care and maintenance tips


Tyre care and tyre maintenance are important aspects of routine car care practices. If you want to unlock the full driving potential of your car, invest in quality tyres today!

Importance of tyre care and tyre maintenance in cars

Are you new to car care and maintenance? Would you like to prolong the lifetime of your car’s tyres by putting in minimal effort? If yes, it is essential to start with the basics and master the complex aspects of tyre maintenance and care for a safer and better driving experience.

Why should you consider tyre maintenance?

When it comes to tyre care and maintenance, a lot of new drivers aren’t really sure where to start, how to start or why they should care about their tyres. Before you implement any tyre care tips, it is important to learn the role of tyre care in your car care routine. Let’s learn about the importance of tyre care and tyre maintenance, shall we?

Road Grip

There are just 4 pieces of rubber that stand between you and your family riding in the car, and the potential danger of a road accident occurring. Those 4 pieces of rubber – your tyres – are super critical and should be one of the first parts of a car that we think about checking and maintaining. If your tyres are bald, i.e. they don’t have enough rubber depth (tread), they can lose grip very quickly. In any kind of problematic situation, like when it rains after a long hot spell making the roads oily, or you drive over debris on the road, your tyres may not be able to maintain enough grip, which could lead to an accident.

Better Steering Control

Do you experience reverberations or friction in your car’s steering? One of main reasons of poor steering performance is flat or almost flat tyres. If the pressure in your tyres is lower than the recommended limit, it can seriously impact your ability to steer accurately or correctly, meaning you’re not able to avoid dangers on the road. So you must check your tyre pressure regularly. Other factors which may contribute to poor steering performance include worn out, old, damaged or punctured tyres.

Drive & Performance

Apart from smoothening out the steering wheel action, better tyres contribute to better car floatation. It means that your car lift is improved and you can experience better suspension performance.

Puncture Resistance

Last but not the least, poorly maintained tyres are more susceptible to untimely, frustrating, and potentially dangerous punctures to your tyres. Properly maintained tyres can significantly increase the puncture resistance of your car tyres. Check out our Puncture Protection Guarantee to see how we’re helping you protect against punctures.

Let Us Help You!

At The Garage we love to see you receive value for money. So we have created the Tyre Saver Maintenance Plan designed to make it easy and affordable to maintain your tyres and keep your vehicle driving safely.

Instead of wasting money on poor quality tyres or purchasing from unknown online retailers, purchase good quality tyres for your car right here at The Garage. We have a range of tyre specials on top-notch tyres in the following categories happening regularly:

  • Highway and Light Offroad tyres
  • All Terrain Tyres
  • Run Flat SUV Tyres
  • M/T Mud Tyres

When you purchase from us, you automatically qualify for our Puncture Protection Guarantee, which guards against annoying and untimely punctures in your new tyres!

Come in store today, no appointments necessary!

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