CV Boot and CV Joint Replacement

Is your vehicle clicking when turning?

CV Joints (Constant Velocity Joints) are critical components of the vehicle’s drive train. To maintain correctly functioning CV joints it is important that damaged or cracked CV boots are swiftly replaced to keep the necessary grease surrounding the bush so they do not wear out. If a CV joint runs dry it is unlikely that CV boot replacement alone will be enough and full replacement of the worn joint may be required.

A clicking noise when turning is often the first indication that your CV joints need replacement.

What happens if my CV boots are torn?

Our expert technicians will inspect and report on your drive train using the widely accepted, easy to understand traffic light method:

Pass Traffic Light

Green = Pass

Monitor/Amber Traffic Light

Amber = Monitor
(May Not Make Next Service)

Immediate Repair Traffic Light

Red = Immediate Repair

Front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles including Corolla, Mazda 3, Hyundai Accent, Mercedes A Class, Subaru, Kluger, Prado, Ranger, Audi, VW and many more.

The Garage offers CV Boot and CV joint replacement services to Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Mermaid Waters, Clear Island Waters, Merrimac, Broadbeach, Robina and Surrounding Suburbs.

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