Wheel Alignment Adjustment is the practice of adjusting the steering and suspension of a vehicle back to the manufacturer’s settings to promote safe and predictable handling, even tyre wear and good fuel economy.

The wheel alignment of your vehicle requires regular professional adjustment to compensate for the wear in steering and suspension components as well as any changes that may have occurred due to rough or inconsistent road surfaces e.g. potholes

It is commonly advised by vehicle manufacturers to align your vehicle every 8-15,000kms depending on driving and road conditions. At The Garage Miami we find the happy medium for regular Wheel Alignment maintenance should be 10,000kms under normal driving conditions.

Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment Pricing Price
Thrust Alignment $69
Four Wheel Alignment $79
Euro and Prestige $88
Sports and Supercar $POA
*Pricing includes steering angle sensor reset if required
* Vehicles with Ride Height Adjustment, Performance Suspension, Aftermarket kits will be charged @ $135 per hour ($149 per hour for Euro and Prestige vehicles) in 15 minute increments. These costs will be disclosed to you prior to commencement of any work

The Garage Miami is equipped with the latest Hunter Eagle Eye Elite wheel alignment equipment, allowing Gold Coast’s best team of technicians to offer the most accurate service.

The amount and type of adjustment available depends on the type of vehicle you drive. If you have a particular handling or tyre wear issue that others have not been able to assist you with, please consider letting The Garage Miami help. We are the experts in aftermarket camber and caster kits to ensure you performs the way you want.

Our market leading technology allows us to accurately align event the most complex and technically advanced vehicles including Range Rover, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, AMG, BMW, Citroen, Audi, VW and many more.


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