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Gold Coast’s Best Range of
Run Flat Tyres (RFT Tyres)

The Garage Miami offers a complete range of Runflat Tyres from the following brands:

Buy Goodride Run Flat Tyres - Gold Coast
Buy Nexen Run Flat Tyres - Gold Coast
Buy Radar Run Flat Tyres - Gold Coast
Buy Goodyear Run Flat Tyres - Gold Coast
Buy Dunlop Run Flat Tyres - Gold Coast

What does Run Flat Mean?

Runflat Tyres are now commonplace on many vehicles including BMW and Mercedes. The cutting edge construction of runflat tyres is stronger than the standard to ensure you can avoid being stranded in an unsafe location or an accident due to driving without air pressure in a tyre. This means that the tyre can operate for up to 200kms at a reduced speed (depending on the brand) with little or no air supporting the tyre. This is why they are often referred to as self supporting tyres.

Run Flat Tyres

Do I Need Run flat Tyres?

There is no legal requirement to fit runflat tyres again when changing your tyres over. However The Garage Miami urge you to consider the following:

  • Is your vehicle fitted with a spare tyre?
  • Do you rely on your vehicle for work etc - Can you afford to be off the road?
  • Are there younger drivers who may benefit from getting home safely?
  • Your vehicle suspension is tuned for Runflat RFT tyres

Can I Repair Runflat Tyres?

The answer is ‘maybe’. Here are the guidelines to repairing RFT Tyres:

  1. The tyre has not been operated under 16 psi (we cannot tell if there is any damage to the inner walls of a runflat tyre if operated at zero pressure)
  2. Is there any visual damage either internally or externally to the sidewalls of the tyre (cuts, heat damage, holes or fractures)
  3. The tyre is still in roadworthy condition (> 1.5mm tread depth)
  4. The tyre damage is in a repairable section of the tyre tread and not greater than 6mm width
  5. Does the tyre manufacturer approve repairs? Many sidewalls of RFT tyres specifically prohibit repair of their tyres including:
    • Pirelli
    • Continental
    • Bridgestone Tyres with the RFT stamp (only RRFT may be repaired)
    • Michelin

Repairing Run Flat Tyres

Can I mix Runflat and non-runflat tyres?

No this can lead to poor vehicle handling. A vehicle must be fitted either with all Runflat or all standard tyres - never a mix of the two

The Garage offers one of Gold Coast’s best range or RFT Tyres for a wide range of vehicles including

  • BMW
    • 1 Series
    • 2 Series
    • 3 Series
    • 5 Series
    • 7 Series
    • X1
    • X3
    • X5
  • Mini
    • Cooper
    • Clubman

  • Mercedes Benz
    • A Class
    • B Class
    • C Class
    • E Class
    • S Class