Tyre and Puncture Repairs

If you’ve got a flat tyre, we’re here to get you moving again as quickly, painlessly and safely as possible. Thankfully, many punctures are permanently repairable! For your safety; The Garage Miami always observe the Australian Standards to examine and repair punctures, using quality repair materials to get you back on the road with the peace of mind of a guaranteed repair.

Puncture Repair Pricing
SUV AND 4X4 $69

Tyre and Wheel Inspection

Before we can commence repairing your tyre The Garage Miami will take the time to ensure that the tyre is safe for repair by removing the tyre from the wheel and inspecting inside and out:

  • Removal object from the tyre (if present) and ensure the damage is of a repairable size and angle in a suitable location
  • Check the entire tread for any secondary damage and legal tread depth as indicated by the tyre’s built-in Tread Wear Indicators
  • Check for any splits or impact damage in the side wall caused by low pressure operation
  • Check the inside walls of the tyres to ensure the inner liner is still intact and check for any signs of structural tyre damage
  • Check the alloy wheel for any cracks or flat spots caused by low pressure operation
Puncture Repairs Tyre Repair

Completing the Repair

For the safety of all road users, The Garage Miami only repairs tyres in accordance with both the tyre and repair material manufacturer's guidance.

The approved technique involves the use of a combination repair pulled through from the inside of the tyre to both make the tyre air tight and prevent water from entering the carcass of the product.

We will not use tubes or push in ‘string plug’s’ to repair tubeless tyres at any time.

Double Check and Rebalance

Following completion of your puncture repair we quality control our repair and double check for any secondary tyre or wheel damage by checking your tyre and wheel under water.

Once satisfied your tyre is safe for use, our trained technicians will rebalance your wheel and refit to your vehicle.

Once your tyre and wheel is refitted to your vehicle, if required, we will take the time to reset your vehicle’s tyre pressure monitoring system.


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