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Australia’s adventure culture is in full swing, and no matter how you use your 4X4 we have a range of tyre and wheel packages to improve the look and handling of your Off-Roader!

Our team won’t rest until we find the exact Tyre and Wheel Package you are looking for. If you know exactly what you want we are here to get it for you (we are not pushing any hidden agenda or brands The Garage), or if you need some advice and guidance we are happy to discuss popular solutions our customers find are working for them at a budget that suits

All Terrain Packages

Want to improve the look and offroad capability of your 4X4. A tyre and wheel package can help fill out the guards on your 4X4, improve ground clearance, increase flotation over soft ground and improve load carrying capacity all compliant the National Code of Practice (NCOP Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB14).

Packages All Terrain

Mud Tyre and Wheel Packages

Heading into unchartered territory? You may require a tyre and wheel package that is stronger and more aggressive than the rest. Discuss your requirements with our expert team and we’ll help you find a steel or heavy duty alloy wheel and light commercial grade tyre package to ensure your 4X4 is up to the task ahead.

Our range of Steel Wheels includes Dynamic, Speedy Desert Rat, CSA Track, King and Advanti Steel Wheels.

Packages Mud Tyre

Low Profile 4x4 Solutions

Ok so you never go off road and you’ve purchased your 4X4 for other reasons albeit towing, carrying a large family, work etc. You may not need aggressive 4X4 tyres. The Garage can assist with 18”, 19”, 20”, 21” and 22 inch tyres and wheels to suit your vehicle. By using highway terrain tyres your vehicle will stay smooth and quiet on the road, stop better in wet conditions, transmit less ride disturbance and offer better on road handling.

Low Profile Tyre

So you’ve been online and there’s a thousand opinions on what size tyres will fit your vehicle - but who is right? The truth is you don’t want to have incessant problems with tyres scrubbing and tyre and wheels coming into contact with their guards and suspension causing vehicle damage.

The Garage are here to help you navigate these murky waters with the knowledge to help you maintain a 4X4 that not only performs the way you want both on and off road, but complies with state road safety laws and super importantly protects your precious car insurance!

Remember just because you saw it fitted does not mean it is correct!

Whether you’re driving a Ranger, BT50, Hilux, Amarok, Patrol, Navara, Pathfinder, Prado, Triton Pajero or any other 4X4 Offroader - Drop into The Garage we’re only a stone’s throw from Broadbeach, Burleigh, Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach and Robina!


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