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Rocker / Valve Cover Gasket

Valve Cover Gasket

Replacing your Rocker Cover, Tappet Cover or Valve Cover Gasket is not always as complicated as it sounds. It is simply the cover to the top of your motor and it is very common that it leaks and the gasket replacement is considered a normal service item.

The Rocker/Valve Cover is often place to start when diagnosing your oil leaks. It is difficult to locate other oil leaks if your Rocker Cover Gasket is leaking at the top of the engine letting oil cascade down over the motor. We then suggest cleaning down your engine and correctly diagnosing any further leaks without undue or unnecessary expenses. Normally we will request you return within a couple of weeks to ensure no further leaks exist.

Oil leaks should be given priority during repair to prevent engine failure due to low oil levels but also because oil can create havoc with your electrical components and turn all plastic and rubber parts to mush often requiring repair far more costly than the Rocker/Tappet Cover.

The Garage Miami repair all makes and models. No matter whether you’re driving a Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Hyundai I30 or BMW (which tend to have many leaks) we are here to help! Servinging Miami, Burleigh and the surrounding suburbs of Varisty and Robina.

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