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Maxxia Fleet Gold Coast - Tyres and Car Servicing

The Garage Miami welcomes Gold Coast Maxxia Customers for all Car Servicing and Tyre Needs!

Maxxia Fleet

6 Easy Steps:

  1. Book in at the Garage Miami either online or via phone - (07) 5572 1711
  2. Our friendly service consultants will inspect your vehicle and quote your tyre, service or mechanical repairs for your approval.
  3. The Garage Miami representative will contact your fleet controller on your behalf to seek approval to proceed (we beg your patience as fleet companies are often busy and wait times can be up to half an hour)
  4. We complete your repairs to the highest of professional standards - protecting your new car warranty
  5. We will invoice the agreed amount to Maxxia on your behalf
  6. Smile - It’s been an easy process!