Dynapro HP2 80,000km Mileage Guarantee

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Dynapro HP2 (RA33) 80,000km Mileage Guarantee

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Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for the Mileage Warranty of Dynapro HP2

  1. Tyres in a set of 4 or more plus a wheel alignment must be purchased in a single transaction at a Hankook authorised dealer.
  2. The size of the tyre must be included in the list of sizes covered by the Mileage Warranty program.
  3. Dealers and customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions and sign on the signature space of the Service Booklet.
  4. At the time of purchase, wheel balancing and alignment must be conducted.
  5. The service must be conducted every 10,000 km or 6 months, whichever comes first, at a Hankook authorised dealer. Tyres must be rotated at every service, and the service must include visual inspection, checking for appropriate tyre pressure, wheel balancing and alignment, and receiving appropriate services when needed.
  6. The original purchase invoice, wheel alignment invoices and Service Booklet should be retained for the whole period of mileage warranty program.
  7. Replacement tyre refers to Dynapro HP2 or an equivalent Hankook tyre of our choice should Dynapro HP2 become unavailable.

Warranty is not transferable for a change of vehicle ownership, and expires after the warrantied kilometres or 5 years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.


This Warranty excludes the following

  1. Tyres which are unevenly worn down to the tread wear indicators.
  2. Tyre sizes which are not qualified under the list of Mileage Warranty program.
  3. Damages including but not limited to punctures, gutter damage, breaks/cuts from foreign object, vandalism, wilful damage or chemical degradation.
  4. Wear caused by improper use, including but not limited to improper inflation, overloading, wheel imbalance, defective vehicle mechanical components, misalignment and off-road use.
  5. Tyres used in commercial services, motorsport, competitive use and towing.
  6. Tyres supplied as original equipment.
  7. Any tyre that has not been repaired in accordance with the industry standards.

All four Dynapro HP2 tyres must be fitted to the same vehicle to be eligible. Liability and losses of a consequential nature are limited to the extent permitted by law.


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